>>12 2019-04-20 02:04:48
The right has a fetish for engineers and engineering. From Jordan Peterson, to Aaron Clarey, to the right wing proponants of the ‘learn to code’ meme, you will often see right wingers denigrate ‘social justice’ areas of study and hold up engineers as the epitome of what a ‘real’ degree is (I say this as a CS degree holder and career programmer myself, before anyone accuses me of hating STEM)

The reason for this is that engineering is perceived as being more related to ‘functional intelligence’, rather than the more general/abstract ideas studied by philosophy. Its intelligence applied to what is seen as its only legitimate occupation, creating toys for the consumers, drones for the military, and profits for the bourgeoise. Liberal arts/philosophy majors might be exposed to ideas that cause them to be critical of the system.

While some engineers are leftist (Richard Stallman comes to mind as a socdem/quasi anarchist), Engineers are seen as apolitical and most are, if not they have a Californian ideology epitomized by silicon valley and events like burning man where rich tech people go to play at being hippies. Guys like Steve Jobs – where once the hippie was a radical who rejected and tuned out of capitalist society, now they use their artistic cred to sell gadgets/phones and acid is just another productivity drug to microdose for the silicon valley coder like adderall.

You can see that in practice – the left is busy having reading groups where they discuss the dialectics in volume 2, whereas the right wastes no time spinning up a bunch of BOTS to markov spam /pol/ talking points on every form of social media (ex: the swarmfront incident).

Explaining stuff – leftists are too smart. They want to read and are intellectually curious. What kind of weirdo would spend their free time reading tomes upon tomes of philosophy and political theory written by guys who died decades if not centuries ago.

Even liberals want to act like its the show west wing or 2000’s era Stephen Colbert (reality has a well known liberal bias) where some conservative douche gets schooled by FACTS and LOGIC, wheras in reality the conservative douche will simply move on and meme some more. Its performative, its about LOOKING like you’re winning, not actually being factually correct. Thats why trump wins not because what he says has to be intellectually consistent, but because he LOOKS like the posturing tough guy and the reptilian brain associates that with dominance.

The right focuses on short punchy mantras which can be shouted again and again.
Ex: this article - https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2017/03/how-nazi-propaganda-encouraged-the-masses-to-co-produce-a-false-reality.html

Nazi theorist and proponent of propaganda Walther Schulze-Wechsungen:
~Many a one laughed at the propaganda of the NSDAP [National Socialist German Workers’ Party] in the past from a position of superiority. It is true that we had only one thing to say, and we yelled and screamed and propagandized it again and again with a stubbornness that drove the ‘wise’ to desperation. We proclaimed it with such simplicity that they thought it absurd and almost childish. They did not understand that repetition is the precursor to success and simplicity is the key to the emotional and mental world of the masses. We wanted to appeal to the intuitive world of the great masses, not the understanding of the intellectuals.

This is why right wing thought maps so well onto memes. The point isn’t to intellectually convince people its to brainwash the proles through repetition. Hitler/Goebbels sloganeering was literally 1 step removed from modern day right wing memes.

It also means the BUT MUH FORCED MEME is bullshit. All memes are forced. its like modern/21st century pop music. If you play it enough on the radio even if its mediocre normies will eventually eat it up.

It also helps the right that because the leftist point of view being critical of capitalism/the system is counterintuitive and so has to be explained while the right wing view already has the groundwork in peoples minds laid for it, so while a rightist can just say MUH VENEZUELA you have to refute what he said by also giving a detailed explanation of why all the corporate/bourgeois medias propaganda is wrong and misleading. You have to do double the work just to break even. Its hard to do that without explaining. The only solution I can think of is don’t take the bait and try to debate on facts - for the left to come up with short punchy slogans and meme them into oblivion all over in the same way.
>>13 2019-04-20 10:10:38
Can you go into detail on the swarmfront incident? I can't find anything about it.
>>14 2019-04-20 10:33:07
I dont have the sources/infographics on me as my computer from that time has been bricked but essentially part of what transformed 4chan from ironic nazism to unironic nazism was the infiltration of 4chan by guys from stormfront(the neo nazi forum, which was banned after charolettesville) in the early 2010s, using bots. They had a bunch of talking points they called mantras and they had bots spam 4chan and other forms of social media with them

So maybe a few thousand at most stormfront users were able to radicalize alot of 4chan users. Some oldfags on /leftypol/ might be able to come up with the infographics still.
>>26 2019-04-21 17:36:45
~The only solution I can think of is don’t take the bait and try to debate on facts - for the left to come up with short punchy slogans and meme them into oblivion all over in the same way.

We have our slogans. The issue is delivering them.
We need strongman socialism.

We should put ourselves in the shoes of Zarathustra, spreading his message of the Ubermensch. We should make ourselves out to be harbingers of a glorious future. We need to emphasise that we are on the right side of history, that socialism is the next step. Combat anti-intellectualism and encourage "red enlightenment" (class consciousness etc).
Real new soviet man type shit.

Each communist should be a motherfucking role model.
Let the right have their petty slogans, the actions of the communists should speak for themselves.

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